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Free Classified Sites is a form of advertising which is mainly common in newspapers, online, and other periodicals which may be sold or distributed free of cost. This is the latest and the most preferable medium to display your website.

Advertising on classified websites can gain SEO benefits from classified sites but the condition is that you should know the right tricks and tips for posting ads on these online free classified sites.

classified websites list
classified websites

Advantages of internet classifieds sites:

Online classified ads are usually far cheaper than running a print ad. I.e. Most of the websites are offering this service free of cost. Provide a full page (the size of your monitor screen) display of ads. You can include images, logos, or graphics to your ads
Internet classifieds are available to the whole world (where the net is available).

Less time-consuming procedure. They can use programs to submit their advertising to multiple places simultaneously, and they can change or delete the advertisement at will, if necessary. Users have the ability to sell their goods within days after posting advertisements (i.e. more inquiries).

Placing a link in an online classified ad can help individuals to find out more about the item being sold or advertised. This can give readers far more information about the item than a print ad.

The Way to submit Classified sites Properly?

1. For better visibility among your audience try to find out the niche-friendly classifieds sites which can target your audience easily.

2. List your website under the appropriate category only.

3. Be sure to complete your own profile including all of your business information, company image or logo, ad title, description, and also the contact information of your website.

4. If possible try to get a backlink for your website in the site URL section or the Ad description.

5. Don’t opt for automatic classified entries through any kind of software. Concentrate on doing manual submissions by yourself even that you do only one in a day.

6. Maintain your classified advertisement updated. After a specific time period otherwise, your ads will expire.

7. Utilize the call to action (CTA) goals in the classified advertisements so that online viewers encourage to buy your products or services like call today, buy now, discount offers for a restricted time, etc

Classified sites are given here:

USA classified sites listPADASS
South Africa Classified sites listDAPASS
Canada classified sites listDAPASS
Singapore Classified sites listDAPASS
UK classified sites listDAPASS
Indian classified sites listDAPASS
Germany Classified submission SitesDAPASS
France Classified sitesDAPASS
Japanese classified sites SubmissionDAPASS
UAE Classified sitesDAPASS

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